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1 piece us160/12V IBS Ultra Sine Inverter 1600W/12V CHF 1150.- instead of CHF 2290.- Used equipment, device has ben checked and upgraded to the new state. Suitable for craft or operation of Nespresso machine.
US160_12V_Occ. front view
US160_12V_Occ. back view

IBS Ultra Sine Inverter 1600W/12V, small and light Type us160/12V, Remote Control RP03 ordre separatly.

Front view with RP03
View from back


  • The small and very light (5.5kg) power inverter has been designed to handle appliances with high surge demand up to 4.5kW.
    Various protection circuits (short circuit, under and over voltage, overload, surge control (DSC) and overheating) will guarantee best functionality.
  • Galvanic insulation between battery and AC-output offers safe operation.
    If no appliances are attached the inverter returns after a time delay to the power saving stand-by mode.
  • The included remote control (RP03, to be used with US80/160) makes the control of the inverter easy and convenient. We recommend using batteries with a capacity of 150Ah or more to back up the inverter sufficient.
    4 new aluminium mounting feet make installation easy and secure.

The lightweight and compact IBS inverter of the corresponding output class are able to operate a large number of applications (see table 'Ultra Sine Inverter "). Please apply the recommended battery capacity to achieve the maximum efficiency observed.

  • Made in Switzerland

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Start power 3.2-4.5kW with Dynamic Surge Control (DSC) monitors
  • New and improved cooling performance for best power at high ambient temperature
  • Robust design with aluminum housing
  • Cover and soil powder coated new
  • New mounting feet for easy professional installation
  • Intelligent discharge protection with uControllerüberwachung
  • External power terminal for + / - battery terminals M8


Test device US160/12V


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