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Sealed Ultra Sine Inverter 12V / 24V

Robust inverter for demanding applications

The waterproof IP66 Ultra Sine Inverters are designed for use outdoors where they are exposed to the wind, the water and dust. Thanks to sophisticated technology, these devices deliver nearly the same performance as the open-cooled units. Due to the large heat capacity of the solid aluminum housing, these inverters deliver a short time, the standard output and the startup power of 200-300%. This technique is suitable for research, expedition, military, boating sector and much more, always in a separate network system.

  • Signal output from pure sine quality
  • Sealed aluminium casing (IP66), salt water resistant painting is available on request
  • Extended temperature range -10 ° C .. + 40 ° C
  • Very robust construction that can withstand extreme conditions
  • RPi03 remote control with sealed plug (IP66) transition to inverter
  • Protection against overload and overtemperature
  • Supply and manufacture to your order

Data USi80/12V/24V & USi160/ 12V/24V

Model USi80/12V USi160/12V  
types generation G4 G4  
Rated output (230V/50Hz) 800W (at 30°C) 1600W (at 30°C)  
Input voltage 11-15V 11-15V  
Efficiency 90% 90%  
No load consumption 11W 11W  
Maximum Input Current DC 150A 330A  
Model USi80/24V USi160/24V  
types generation (G4) (G4)  
Rated output (230V/50Hz) 800W (at 30°C) 1600W (at 30°C)  
Input voltage 22 - 29.5V 22 - 29.5V  
Efficiency 92% 92%  
No load consumption 13W 13W  
Maximum Input Current DC 80A 170A  
Specification for all models      
Maximum power (3 sec.) 2.2kW with DSC 4.5kW with DSC  
Continous Load 400W (at 30 Grad C) 800W (at 30 Grad C)  
Load during 15 Minutes 600W (at 30 Grad C) 1200W (at 30 Grad C)  
Temperature range -10 bis+40 Grad C -10 bis+40 Grad C  
Stand-by load sensing yes yes  
Signal at any load 100% Sine 100% Sine  
Output voltage 230VAC/50Hz 230VAC/50Hz  
Low battery deconnection yes yes  
automatic reset yes yes  
Remote control (IP66) RPi03 as option RPi03 as option  
Dimension 402 x 230 x 115mm 402 x 313 x 115mm  
Weight 8.8kg 10.8kg  
Power cable included yes, 16mm2 yes, 50mm2  

Changes to specifications without prior notice!

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Sealed Inverter (Ultra Sine Inverter) 12V/1600W
Remote control RPi03 optional of USi
Detail 1 Sealed Connector for remote control RPi03
Detail 2 Sealed Connector for remote control RPi03
Sealed Inverter (Ultra Sine Inverter) 12V/1600W open
Vertical fixation of waterproof Ultra Sine Inverter 12V / 1600W
Sealed Inverter (Ultra Sine Inverter) 12V/800W open
Testing of Sealed Inverter (Ultra Sine Inverter) 12V/800W