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Remote Control sealed RPi03 for sealed Inverters USi80 and USi160

RPi03 is the remote control to the new Industrial Ultrasine inverters
USi80 (800W) and USi160 (1600W) of the latest generation G4. The inverter can be switched on and off using the remote control. Via the on / stand-by button, the inverter can be switched from stand-by mode to continuous mode by pressing the on / stand-by button for 3 seconds.

The remote control is connected via the included 8pin 3m data cable (which is equiped with an RJ-8Pole connector and a waterproof "Bulgin" RJ-8Pole connector) to the inverter. No further connections are required.

LED display RPi03

Green: lit when the inverter is switched on
Orange: lit when the continuous mode is switched on
Red: 1x flashing Over / undervoltage and DSC shutdown 2x flashing Overtemperature shutdown 3x flashing System error

The waterproof inverters (USi) can only be switched on and off using the remote control.

Important: If the inverter is set to continuous mode, the inverter will no longer go into the power saving mode. This can lead to the partial discharge of the battery over a long period of time until the intelligent deep discharge protection responds. The remaining battery capacity is approx. 30%.

Important: Older IBS inverters of generation G3 or earlier require the
RPi02 remote control, which can be customized.

Remote Control RPi03 sealed with wiring
Sealed connetion of Remote Control
Socket to RPi03