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Remote control RP03

RP03 is the remote control to the latest UltraSine 400W / 800W / 1600W inverter. G4. The inverter can be switched on and off using the remote control. The on / stand-by button allows the inverter to be switched from stand-by mode to continuous mode by pressing the on / stand-by button for 3 seconds.

The remote control is connected to the inverter via the supplied 8-pin 5m (8m, optional) data cable (which is provided with an identical RJ-8Pol connector on both sides). No further connections are required.

LED display RP03

  • Green: lit when the inverter is switched on
  • Orange: lit when the continuous mode is switched on
  • Red: 1x flashing Over / undervoltage DSC shutdown
  • 2x flashing over-temperature cut-off
  • 3x flashing system errors

The operation and display on the inverter are identical. With the 800W and 1600W, the power output with LED bars is also displayed.

Important: If the inverter is set to continuous mode, the inverter will no longer go into the power saving mode. This can lead to the partial discharge of the battery over a long period of time until the intelligent deep discharge protection responds. The remaining battery capacity is approx. 30%.

Important: Older IBS inverters of the generation G3 or earlier need the RP02 remote control, which is manufactured on request.

Remote Control RP03 as option