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Starter batteries Super B

Super B Lithium-Ion Starter Batteries - Energy supply like never before – light weight, compact design with very high pulse currents in extreme ambient temperatures – “The very profitable long-term investment”

Super B batteries offer significant advantages over conventional lead/acid batteries:
  • Up to 80% weight saving
  • Much smaller – only 1/3 of the size
  • Fast charge capability: 1-4C possible
  • One on one interchangeable with lead/acid - Gel - AGM
  • Flexible mounting positions
  • High discharge current up to 30C continuous
  • Discharge pulse current 65C
  • Low self-discharge rate: ca. 10% per year
  • Integrated VMS - passive cell balancing
  • Minimum of 5 year service life
  • Excellent extreme temperature range starting up
    to minus 30 degrees Celsius
Super B batteries are based on Lithium Iron Phosphate
Technology (LiFePO4), better known as Lithium-Ion.



Table Starter Batteries Type Super B

IBS Nr. Dimensions / mm Weight kg Designation
  HxWxD (HeightxWidthxDepth)    
B300003 84x114x35 0.450 SB12V2600P-AC
B300005 84x114x62 0.850 SB12V5200P-BC
B300008 98x120x82 1.3 SB12V7800P-CC
B300010 124x120x82 1.7 SB12V10P-DC
B300015 181x120x82 2.5 SB12V15P-EC
B300015 133x200x77 2.9 SB12V15P-SC
B300020 238x120x82 3.2 SB12V20P-FC
B300020 141x249x96 3.6 SB12V20P-SC
B300025 141x249x96 4.2 SB12V25P-SC

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