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Consumer batteries Super B

Super B Lithium-Ion Starter Batteries - Energy supply like never before – light weight, compact design with very high pulse currents in extreme ambient temperatures – “The very profitable long-term investment”

Super B batteries offer significant advantages over conventional lead/acid batteries:
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Safest Lithium Technology
  • Superior abuse tolerance
  • High capacity
  • Low weight
  • High cycle count
  • Low maintenance
  • One on one interchangeable with lead/acid batteries
  • High discharge current, 3C continuous, 5C pulse
  • Can be charged with regular AGM charger
  • Fast charging, 1C
  • CANOpen Interface for battery monitoring
  • Battery monitoring / history storage
  • Adaptive cell balancing
  • Serial string equalization
  • Serial string connection up to 1150V DC
  • External BMS Relay, latching (bi-stable)
  • External BMS cut-off switch, CAN controlled

Consumer batteries Types Super B

IBS Nr Dimensions/ mm Weight /kg Designation
B200003 84x114x35 0.450 SB12V3200E-AC
B200006 84x114x62 0.850 SB12V6400E-BC
B200010 98x120x82 1.3 SB12V10E-CC
B200013 124x120x82 1.7 SB12V13E-DC
B200019 181x120x82 2.5 SB12V19E-EC
B200026 238x120x82 3.2 SB12V26E-FC
B200032 141x249x96 4.2 SB12V32E-SC
B200050 271x299x196 11.5 SB12V50E-XC
B200100 314x414x226 20.3 SB12V100E-ZC
B200160 314x414x226 28.3 SB12V160E-ZC
Super B 12V/19Ah
Super B 12V/10Ah

Super B 12V/160Ah
Super B 12V/100Ah
Super B 12V/32Ah
Super B 12V/26Ah