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Automotive battery

The use of Lithium batteries in cars, motorcycles, heavy vehicles and off-road equipment is increasing rapidly. Lead Acid batteries are being replaced by Lithium batteries to improve charge/discharge performance, save weight, save space, increase lifetime and avoid Pb (lead) in the environment. Within these industries different types of batteries are used. The main categories are: 12V starter batteries, 48V batteries (new board net standard) and EV batteries. Super B is specialized in the 12V and 48V solutions.

Batteries for Camper

Camper Batteries play an important role in creating an independent home from home.

Maximum independence in your home away from home
Camper Batteries play an important role in creating an independent home from home. In the modern motorhome everything from fridge to television to the water heater relies on the camper battery. After all it’s your machine’s life force. A Super B camper battery system will help you enjoy your motorhome experiences for much longer, more efficiently, more reliably, at a fraction of the weight.

How does it work
Lithium batteries provide much more power and significantly better performance compared to traditional lead acid (Pb) batteries. They are a lot lighter (50-100kg weight saving for a large camper) and easily last 3 times longer. Do lithium batteries only have benefits? The answer basically is a clear yes, with one important remark: There are various Lithium battery technologies and some of them aren’t inherently safe. That’s why Super B uses Lithium Iron Phosphate, also known as LiFePO4 or LFP, the safest and most advanced technology available. It’s a clear improvement over NMC technology found for example in smartphones and laptops.

Super B reduces risk to an absolute minimum by concentrating on many layers of safety. The inherently safe technology is complemented with integrated smart electronics and algorithms, these continuously monitor health, temperature and currents to ensure top condition and maximum energy efficiency. Our batteries have also been tested according to all applicable European safety standards and can be transported and used totally safe.
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