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Technical specifications CouplerTech

Description Automotive: Commercial:  
System voltage: 12V(24V)available 12V/24V  
Minimum Voltage: 11.5V 11.6V  
Maximum voltage: 15V 30V  
Power consumption: 24mA~ typical 25-55mA~ typical  
Number of Outputs: 2-12 depending on the selected system 12  
Arbeitsfrequenz: 200kHz 200kHz  
Output voltage: 400V (Peak) at 200V(RMS Typical) 400V (Peak) at 200V(RMS Typical)  
Capacity: 80pF (Typical Average) 80pF (Typical Average)  
Working temperature range: -30° to 85° C (Ambient) -30° to 85° C (Ambient)  
Module size: 95mmx72mmx34mm (LxBxH) 150mmx156mmx60mm (LxBxH)  
Module weight: 370g 1.9kg  
Number of Coupler Pads: 2-6 depending on the selected system 4-12 depending on the selected system  
Dimension of Coupler Pads: 80x50mm (LxB) 116x58mm (LxB)