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The incorporation of CouplerTec


The installation itself can be carried out, the following tips will help:

The pads have to be stuck with the existing on the pad 3M adhesive to the body or inside the chassis. Be the point on the chassis must be clean of dirt or salt, optionally clean with mineral spirits or alcohol, ev. Splice with 2 layers of acrylic spray cover.

When affixing the pad to the body color on the inside must be present, if not, apply 2 layers of colors to the designated place with acrylic spray and wait until it has dried. Never stick pads to bare metal or scratched surface. Detects CouplerTec a short to ground, the system stops CouplerTec function and the location of the short circuit must be searched and the short-circuit must be corrected.

Pads stick only on flat sheet of metal surfaces without holes, not on the insert.

The double-insulated cables which are included with the delivery are resistant to mechanical damage. The chassis of vehicles, the cable can be installed in the chassis, embarrassed else with cable ties when laying under vehicle along existing lines or pipes.

We recommend to solder all connections and protect with heat shrink tubing, so that moisture does not penetrate into the cables and leads to poor connections.

The kit is supplied with slotted protective tube. It can also be ordered 3 different diameters with us for a clean installation of the cable. We recommend that all cables in the engine room to move in conduit. This happens for mechanical protection and to ensure a clean installation.

The CouplerTec module is to be positioned in the area of the fire wall, the side inner panel or around the battery so that it is never directly in the radiation area of the exhaust system.

In most installations, it pays to choose the side on which the cables of both sides are done, the installation costs can thus be significantly reduced. On most vehicles, rubber grommets are present, through which the cable can be routed through the vehicle floor. Alternatively, the cable can also be in the side sills, mostly under the plastic covers that are made. In this case, two to 4 cables need to be put through the fire wall.

On vehicles with IBS Dual Battery System CouplerTec can be powered by the auxiliary battery, the power consumption is approximately 24mA.

After connection of CouplerTec the LED is initially green and blinks green when correctly installed. If the red LED is on, there is a short circuit in the system by a cable or pad to ground. This must be found and corrected.

Note: There are several newer vehicles in which the board electrics must not be disconnected from the battery, otherwise the on-board computer can not start automatically. Then a service point, the vehicle must have to take properly into operation again.

Different mounting in different vehicles:

Placement of the pads on vehicles (system with 6 pads) with chassis: 2 pads in the rear side panels, 2 pads in the center of the vehicle chassis (these 2 pads with CouplerTec cap, available as an accessory, and silicones seal against moisture), 2 (looking flat spot without holes!) pads in the engine compartment against the fire wall or side interior panels. A system with 6 pads is also available for 24V for military vehicles or older Nissan, Land Cruiser or Puchs.

Placement of the pads on vehicles (system with 6 pads) without chassis: 2 pads in the rear side panels, 2 pads in the center of the vehicle B-pillar or vehicle interior floor, 2 pads in the engine compartment against the fire wall or side inner panel looking (flat spot without holes! )

Placement of the pads on vehicles (system with 4 pads) without chassis: 2 pads in the rear side panels, 2 pads in the engine compartment against the fire wall or interior side panels (looking flat surface without holes!)

The systems for commercial vehicles and construction equipment, the pads are about 30% larger. For all the pads CouplerTec caps (Protection Cover / 1PC) in the kit are available, a truck with 6t is recommended, for example, the 6COMM system with 6 pads, 4 pads along the chassis and 2 pads in the cab. For a large excavator the system 8COMM, 4 pads per the front and rear wheel frame is recommended. These systems are in12V / 24V available.

The protective caps (Protection Cover / 1PC) Attach with adhesive seal on the capacitive coupler. Use enough sealing adhesive so that the pads are sealed watertight.
We recommend the following adhesives in about 300ml cartouches:
Sikaflex-521UV (gray)
SABAtack780 (Black)
FÖRCH SealingGlue MS-P


Sealing glue for protection cover (1PC/2PC)
Apply sealing glue
Protection cover installed with sealing glue
Built in Fiat
Installation CT in rear of motorhomes (Black cover)
Sealing the shrink-fit connection with the hot air blower