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Solarkit SK120

SK120 "Mojave" kit with cable and regulator

FlexoPower foldable solar kit with stand "Mojave"


The 2-fold folded SK120 with monocrystalline solar cells can be easily positioned with the integrated pedestals and directed into the sun. Various eyelets in the panel and feet allow attachment with pegs or lacing, so these cells can also be used in wind. The good solar power of 120W provides the energy for refrigerator, light and other accessories

Data sheet

„Mojave“ SK120
Solar power 120Wp
Basic data MPP 19.1V/6.1A
Cell type Monocristalline
Installation Foldable, adjustable
Dimensions open [cm] 155x56x1
Packing Size [cm] 56x44x2
Weight [kg] 3.2
Warranty [years] 2
Solar controllerr Includes in kit

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