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Solarkit SK120 IBS

SK120 (Sk120Wp) with 3 feet can be optimally directed into the sun become. The Sunpower KlassA cells deliver a lot of electricity. Thanks to the Integrated transport bag, the solar controller can be easily stored in the panel with the 10m connection cable.

IBS SK120 solar cell kit foldable with cable and regulator IBS foldable solar kit with fold-out feet. The 2-fold folded SK120 with anti-microcrack Sunpower solar cells can be easily set up with the integrated feet and directed into the sun. Various eyelets in the panel allow attachment with pegs or strings, so these cells can also be used in windy conditions. The good solar power of 120W provides the energy for refrigerator, light and other accessories

SK120 IBS Kit in camping
SK120 IBS Kit outdoor legs
SK120 IBS Kit various possibilities
SK120 IBS Kit Transport bag
SK120 IBS Kit

Data sheet

Solar Kit SK120 IBS
Solar power 120 Wp
Key data MPP 18.6V/6.5A
Cell type anti-microcrack Sunpower
Efficiency 23%
Laminate ETFE UV-resistant
Installation type foldable, adjustable 45 ° solar orientationrichtung
Dimensions open [cm] 130x57x1
Pack size [cm] 57x45x2.5
Weight [kg] 3.6
Warranty [years] 2
Solar controller PWM regulator 10A included in the kit
Cable extension 10m included in the kit

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