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Flexopower Solarpanels SKA79/158/237 foldable

Flexopower SKA79 foldable
Flexopower SKA79 carrybag
Flexopower SKA158 carrybag

The solar panels FlexoPower are available in version “rollable (SK)” or "foldable (SKA)" with identical performance. This portable solar technology is ideal for camping, expedition, trekking and even military action.

FlexoPower solar panels come in 3 dimensions 79W / 158 W / 237 W and are supplied ready for connection with solar controller and 10m connection cable.

The SK158 than average size delivers impressive 158W with up to 10A charging current.

The amorphous solar technology delivers expected throughout the day 15% more solar yield than conventional glass panels, since the cells of partial covering only lose the power of the covered area and not the entire performance.

Robust is to be taken literally in this case: via the flat resting cells may be paced, you can shoot it, or give the crocodile to play. The indestructibility is ideal for the toughest travel use.

The plug-in transitions of 10m connection cable is equipped with gray Anderson / Brad Harrison high current connector.

Thanks to its compact folding technology (pack size ca. 84x20x43cm) this solar technology can be easily stored and transported. SKA79 and SKA158 fit in the same carrying bag.

A persuasive technique: Smart Power Anywhere

Flexopower SKA foldable in 3 sizes:

Order number SKA79 SKA158 SKA237
Power 79Wp 158Wp 237Wp
Performance MPP 19.2V/4.1A 19.2V/8.2A 19.2V/12.3A
Cell type Amorph Amorph Amorph
Dimensions of bag (cm) 84x20x43 84x20x43 84x20x43
Dimension flat (cm) 233x79 2x233x79 3x233x79
Packed weight (kg) 5.3 9.3 5.3+9.3
Weight (kg) 3.5 6.9 10.3
Warranty 2Years 2Years 2Years
Current / voltage display yes yes yes
SKA79 new on LandCruiser HDJ100
SKA79 unfolded on LandCruiser HDJ100
Panorama Dasht e Lut Rayen
SKA79 Solarkit with harness
Rayen desert with Flexopower
Rayen desert with Flexopower
Flexopower SKA79 ready for transportation
Flexopower SKA79 unfolded