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Efficient portable solar technology

Efficient portable solar technology

For years we have been constructing the portable IBS Solarkit (formerly SK4 and SK100). The latest version SK80 is space-saving and light weight on the latest monocrystalline technology with the Clean frame.

SK80 folded:      41x66x6.6cm/6.8kg

The foldable rugged aluminium frame makes it suitable for mobile usage.

The powerful solar module is fitted with sufficient number of cells to achieve full charge voltage at high cell temperature.

All equipment including new IBS solar regulator (μSun6), wiring, sealed plug system (IP65) and crimp terminals are included for easy installation. Solar power allows comfortable, noiseless battery charging and gives peace of mind in emergencies.

We now offer the FlexoPower Solarkit in 3 sizes to

SK79  Flexopower             1x298x41x0.5cm/ 3.5kg

SK158 Flexopower            2x298x41x0.5cm/ 6.9kg

SK237 Flexopower            3x298x41x0.5cm/10.3kg

These rollable very robust solar cells are suitable for use anywhere where there is enough space to lay out is available, this can be in the vehicle, camping or boating area.

Solar energy allows the independent power of compressor refrigerators by their function extends over a period of 2-7 days, without starting the engine in gear. Maximum performance can be achieved with the solar systems SK80/SK79/SK158/SK237 by the panel is exposed to direct sunlight, even when the car is in the shade. The FlexoPower also generate good performance if they are partially shaded.