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Efficient portable solar technology

Efficient portable solar technology

In the field of mobile solar technology many new technologies are available:

For many years we build mobile solar technology (formerly SK4 and SK100).

Available technology:

Glass panel monocrystalline:

SK80, 80W, charging current approx. 3.9A with regulator and 10m cable, very robust, with carrying bag

Flexible amorphous panel:

3.9A with controller and 10m cable, extremely compact and exterm light, multiply foldable, flexible, shadow-resistant, power can be doubled by parallel connection 7.8A (SK158)

Flexible Sunpower Cells:

SK120, 120W, charging current approx. 5.5A with controller and 10m cable, very light, high charging current, with feet to set up, double foldable, partially flexible, power can be doubled by parallel connection 11A (SK240).

The SK79 is perfect for an expedition. The dimensions are small and the weight is small. Due to the flexible design, this solar kit is extremely hard-wearing.

The SK120 is very suitable for use in camping, because a lot of power for refrigerators, lighting and accessories is generated.

The SK80 is the classic and delivers reliable power for years thanks to modern MCF cells. Thanks to the CleanFrame technology, the SK80 is the most robust cell, but its dimensions and weight are slightly higher.