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Megapulse MP VEE (6V-48V)

IBS-Megapulse MP VEE (6V-48V) Battery Conditioner

Over many years we had represented Megapulse. Megapulse is now available with a new generation, which is distributed via IBS. Many features are new and make the Megapulse VEE even more powerful. In the meantime, long-term studies have also been carried out, which demonstrate the advantages of Megapulse.

How does Megapulse VEE work?

Batteries are subject to an aging process caused by use, poor charge, poor mounting and high temperatures. At each battery, the sulphation (the porous plate surface forms crystalline structure) is formed, whereby the performance of the battery decreases greatly over time. Megapulse lives from the battery and feeds into the battery pulses, which prevents this sulphation.

About Magapulse VEE:

  • Multi-mode activation (voltage range where active)
  • Wide input voltage range (6V-48V)
  • One Megapulse covers up to 2000Ah battery capacity
  • Integrated battery test (performed every 21h)
  • Waterproof IP67 (device), IP65 (fuse holder)
  • Multiple fuse protection, 1 fuse in cable, 3 internal fuses
  • Meets standards such as ISO 9001, E Mark, E Mark, CE, RoHS and EMC
  • 10-year warranty
  • Manufactured and developed in Australia
  • Can be used in vehicles, boats and aviation
  • Supports all batteries except NiCAD, NiMH and Lithium
  • Volvo and Scania Trucks have successfully equipped 100,000 truck

The 7-year study at Volvo and Scania has shown:

  • Megapulse reduces electrical interference from batteries from 50% to 1%
  • Megapulse extends the battery life from 18


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