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Low battery protection with microprozessors: LBP8

Commonalities of LBP8 & LBP16


The new Family of IBS 8A and 16A Low Battery Protection is preventing an unwanted unloading of the starter and board battery.  The various products in the latest technology to cover the load current range from 5A to 16A. The IBS protection circuitry is not to be compared with other available equipment sensing voltage and neglecting the load current to determine the correct battery status.

The new IBS 8A and 16A Low Battery Protection with latest micro computer technology and solid state MOSFET switch (no contacts) offers a huge range of features:

LBP8 is equipped with cigarette plug and socket where LBP16 is wired directly to the battery and supervises all the attached appliances. Both systems offer "battery and wire sensing" technology to evaluate the correct shut down level. Micro computer controlled surge, overload and short circuit detection offers highest reliability. A lot hi-tech for a well priced product LBP8/16. 

Many advantages for mobile and stationary battery systems powering fridges, 12V auxiliary heating systems, lights aso. More battery life, no surprises of flat batteries, just a small unit improving battery applications.

The two versions of Low Battery Protection LBP8 and LBP16 with microprocessors is common:

  • Battery and wire sensing with current/voltage measuring
  • Battery monitoring with Fuzzy Logic
  • Battery status indication, full, medium, empty
  • Low battery cut-off connected with battery monitoring!
  • Low battery alarm
  • Forced and automatic battery sensing and automatic reset while loading
  • Shut down levels for single and dual battery systems (SBS & DBS)
  • µ-processor controlled short circuit switch-off, no fuses required
  • Multiple load possible
  • 8A and 16A load range with 50% overload capability
  • Surge load disconnection suppression, starts big loads
  • Solid state switch (no relay contacts)
  • Ultra low self consumption <1mA
  • Smartest RISK processor, interrupt based architecture
  • Fully machine assembled for highest reliability
  • 12V/24V selectable with DIP switch on board


LBP8 complete device
Schematics for Low Battery Protection LPB8

8A Low Battery Protection LBP8 is equipped with cigarette lighter plug and socket to be plug directly into existing installations. Some 12V car sockets are disconnected if ignition is off. Use constant power sockets in your car or ask auto electrician to connect 12V cigarette plug directly to battery power.


LBP8: no additional fuses are required. A 8A fuse is integrated in the plug. The unit itself is fully protected against short circuit.

Data sheet LBP8/LBP16

Order - Nr. LBP8 LBP16
Supply Voltage 8-16V and 16-32V 8-16V and 16-32V
System Voltage 12V /24V 12V /24V
Consumption of Modul LBP8/16 <1 mA <1 mA
Load current electronically protected 8 A 16 A
Overload (5 min) 12 A 21 A
Load disconnection SBS 50 % 50 %
Load disconnection DBS 30 % 30 %
Connectors Plug/Socket Cigar to Battery
Cabling 2x1.5 mm2 2x 4 mm2
Battery Status:    
LED green (of charge level) >60 % >60 %
LED orange >20%,<60% >20%,<60%
LED red (of charge level) <20 % <20 %
Recommended battery types all types all types
Temperature range  -20°C...+80°C  -20°C...+80°C
Casing ABS ABS
Dimensions 73x25x50[mm] 100x25x50[mm]
Sealing IP54 IP54
In red:: Battery Plus Battery Plus
In black: Battery Minus Battery Minus
Out red: Load Plus Load Plus
Out black: Load Minus, uC, Relay control Load Minus, uC, Relay control
Protection Circuits: wrong polarity overload, short circuit reverse feeding surge and spike pulses wrong polarity overload, short circuit reverse feeding surge and spike pulses

Changes to specifications without prior notice!

Do not hesitate to contact your local dealer for further information!