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IBS Li-Ion Battery

IBS-Li-Ion 100AH Battery
Detail Battery IBS-Li-Ion Terminal Positive pole
Side view IBS Li-Ion 100AH battery

IBS Li-Ion battery combines a lot of power with light weight. At only 14.5kg 100Ah capacity are available, which can also be availed. Compared to an AGM battery with the same capacity, the IBS-LiIon100 weighs less than half. Since the double capacity is usable, in other words, with a 100Ah AGM battery only 50% can be used 50Ah, four times the capacity per kilogram is available.

Further battery sizes in preparation are 50Ah and 180Ah. 100Ah is the available standard size.

For technical reasons, the cell voltage in Li-Ion (LiFePO4, lithium iron phosphate) is 0.6V higher than in lead-acid batteries, which technically has an advantage since many consumers perform better under a special inverter or inverter.

The IBS-Li-Ion 100Ah is suitable as a powerful additional battery and should be installed in the vehicle interior, since this battery is equipped with a lot of power electronics called BMS. This BMS protects the battery against over- and under-voltage, over-current and over-discharge. The battery delivers up to 160A and briefly 200A. To obtain more power, the batteries can be connected in series and in parallel. The battery is specially protected against mechanical damage such as an accident.

IBS has adapted the products for the new lithium market for many years. Thus, the dual battery system IBS-DBS (as of version 8.1), the IBS-DBR-Li and the new version of the IBS-DBM20A (as of version 2.7) are ideally suited for use with these high-performance batteries.

The IBS Ultra Sine Inverters 400W / 800W / 1600W deliver much more power due to the high available energy. The areas of application are versatile and, thanks to the large weight savings, ideally suited for camping, expedition, service and emergency vehicles.

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IBS-Li-Ion 100AH Batterie