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House Solar Inverter 4kW/5kW (48V)

3kW and 5kW Inverter
Connection side 5kW Inverter

These modern solar inverters feed the house consumers completely independently of the public grid from the connected AGM, liquid or lithium battery.

The batteries are charged from the solar field by MPPT inverter or existing mains or generator connection. Various combinations can be configured. Depending on the requirements, the mains can be routed via the transfer switch or battery charger.

The 4kW/5kW (48V) devices can also be configured in parallel mode with several inverters each (Max 6, 30kW). The IBS lithium batteries LiIonMS160/25.6V or LiIonMS 90/52.2V can be combined. This results in up to 23.5kWh of available energy.

The IBS lithium batteries can communicate with the inverters via the RS485 interface of the battery (BMS). All system data can be viewed via the data logger and data app.

Datasheet US 4kW/5kW (48V)

Solar Inverter Model US4kW (48V) US5kW (48V)
battery voltage 48V DC 48V DC
Inverter rated/peak power 4/8kW 5/10kW
nominal voltage 220/230VAC 220/230VAC
house net 1/2/3 phase 1/2/3 phase
parallel operation up to 6 devices 24kW up to 6 devices 30kW
mains charging 60A 60A
max solar connection power 4.5kW 4.5kW
max voltage solar in (Uo) 145V 145V
max solar charge current 80A 80A
battery types AGM, liquid, lithium AGM, liquid, lithium
network transfer switch yes, 10ms yes, 10ms
dimension 455x295x130mm 455x295x130mm
weight 11kg 11.5kg
Solar Burgistein Panel Installation
Solar Burgistein TinyHouse RR

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Display solar charging
Display mains and solar charging
US 5kW Front
Solar Burgistein TinyHouse
Solar Burgistein TinyHouse Roof situation