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Data sheet Dairy products incubator WS40 IBS

Model WS40 IBS
Typ Dairy products incubator
Article No.  
Volume 40 L
Outside Dimensions LxBxH  530x435x565mm
Weight 13 kg
Range of temperature +20°C to +44° C
Indication of temperature Digital
Range of control 2K (°Celsius) +/- 1 °C
Input voltage   12VDC
max. power consumption 7A/80 Watt
minimal power consumption ca. 0.5A/h if temperature is reached
class of climate n.a.
magnetically lock with joint yes
Application Energy saving 12V-Fridge with Heather for cultivation of cheese-cultures for cheese production in the alps. Suits best for applications with solar cells.

Incubator WS40 IBS

Incubator WS40