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IBS Dual Battery System

The IBS double battery system manages 2 batteries, displays charging and status states, enables emergency starting from an additional battery and supports the use of electric winches, systems for “classic” and “smart” alternators such as IBS-DBS and IBS-DBM20A/S.

IBS Ultra Sine Inverters

The compact and flat IBS inverters of 400/800 and 1600W deliver pure sine wave mains voltage from 12V or 24V

IBS mobile solar technology

Light, compact and portable solar technology for vehicles, boats or alpine huts

IBS vehicle roof solar systems

Partially flexible or fixed solar technology for the vehicle roof for independent power supply

IBS lithium batteries


Robust and resilient lithium batteries in various versions for vehicle, boat and home technology

IBS solar and battery house technology

Solar house technology with battery for maximum independence in various performance classes

IBS Low Battery Protection

IBS Low Battery Protection has a significant
Task to prevent your vehicle batteries from deep discharge.

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CouplerTec Electronic rust protection

Active electronic rust protection for passenger cars, 4WD, trucks and construction machinery