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Emergency System from IBS

With the emergency system from IBS the vehicle can be started when starting difficulty are present. By pressing the emergency button on the dashboard, the current of the built in Super B battery will allow the restart of the engine. A jumper by the breakdown service is no longer necessary. The emergency system of IBS is suitable for all users who require high reliability and availability of their vehicle.

The emergency system from IBS is suitable for all vehicle types. the small and compact super B - batteries (lithium-ion) also find place in vehicles with a narrow engine compartment. Charging while driving automatically assumes the IBS-DBR (Dual Battery Relay with microcontroller). The small Super B starter battery 3.5 kg and 19 Ah provides a CCA from about 900A. The system can also be used for vehicles of doctors, veterinarians, emergency vehicles, etc. 24V - systems are possible.

Have you ever missed an appointment because the vehicle would not start?


Super B Batteries of emergency start NS1 & NS2

IBS Nr. Dimensions /mm Weight kg Designation
IBS-NS1 124x120x82 1.7 SB12V10P-DC
IBS-NS2 238x120x82 3.2 SB12V20P-FC

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NS2-DBR mit Verpackung
Super B 12V/20Ah
Super B 12V/10Ah