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New Alternator Settings, IBS Dual Battery System information for international Markets


New alternator settings come to market. Important is to know that still in 95% of all applications the IBS Dual Battery System (including the TJM version) is working as in the past fulfilling their reliable operation.

Two new alternator setups are now on the market:

• Smart alternator

• Reduced alternator output setting

Explanation of the two alternator variants:

Smart alternator:


The alternator is randomly shutting down, what leads to under charging of the starter battery.


If the alternator shuts down, it will not be enough charge voltage to keep the batteries linked while the car is running, what leads to poorly charged AUX battery.

Affected 4WDs:           

Ford Ranger current model. Ford service centre can deactivate smart alternator function. Then dual battery setup works as expected.

MAZDA BT50 current model. Is also equipped with smart alternator but function is not activated. Currently no further action is needed.

Reduced alternator output setting:

ATO-fuse replaced by diode

The alternator is reducing the charge voltage to avoid overcharging the starter battery. This leads in dual battery setup to poor charge on AUX battery, mainly if AGM- or OPTIMA- batteries are installed.

IBS-systems (IBS/TJM-DBS or DBR) still link batteries as the link level is 13.1V but some AUX battery types are not properly charged anymore.

Some 4WDs have the alternator fuse to be replaced by a diode in the mini ATO fuse format, what compensates the alternator by +0.7V, what leads to a proper charging on the STARTER and AUX battery. IBS is going to add this ATO-diode in the Installation Kits in the Markets where needed. Important to know: This diode is only to be installed in 4WDs with reduced output. If installed in not affected 4WDs, this may lead to seriously overcharged batteries.

Affected 4WDs are:              

TOYOTA LandCruiser

TOYOTA LandCruiser 200 Series  
TOYOTA LandCruiser 150 Series  
TOYOTA LandCruiser 7x Series