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IBS-SBS Display for a single battery with uProcessor

IBS-SBS: Battery display with LED indication, range between 11.0V..14.5V

The Battery Display of the IBS-SBS will show the charge level and the voltage level of a single battery or a group of batteries, by pressing the display button.

The Display of the IBS-SBS is easy to understand and is suitable for systems with only one battery e.g. garden-houses, huts with solar equipment and in campers or trailers.

Alarm function:

If the normal battery voltage of 12V remains for a longer time below 11.0V, the warning LED will be blinking and an alarm will beep.

The Beep can be turned off by pressing the display button.

Once the battery is recharged to a voltage of more than 12V the alarm cancels it’s self.

Automotive Approval for IBS-SBS: E24 (10R-051425)

Data sheet for IBS-SBS Single battery

Order -No. IBS-SBS
Battery system Single
Mounting Interrior
System voltage 12V
Voltage working range 8..16V
stand-by consumption at 12.5 V < 1 mA
Battery status display 1 Battery
IBS-SBS Systeme for a single battery