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IBS-DBR-Li for lithium supplementary battery

IBS-DBR-Li Kit with Lithium-aux-batterie 20Ah
IBS-DBR-Li Kit with Lithium-aux-batterie 20Ah with packaging

The DBR-Li is a special version of the DBR (Dual Battery Relay) for a lithium supplementary battery. This DBR version is especially designed for applications where the car is required to be safe from start-up and there is no outlet for entertainment charge (emergency, medical, police). In most vehicles, there is no place to install a classic double battery system with lead supplementary battery. On the other hand, a small LiFePO3 (lithium iron phosphate) battery offers very high pulse current (10sec) of 350-900A with a very compact design and lightest weight.

If the vehicle is no longer capable of being started with the starter battery, the LINK Taster is pressed into the dashboard and the vehicle is started with the aid of a power supply or neighbors with bridging cable, without an unwanted delay or dirty fingers. While driving, the Li battery is automatically recharged by the alternator.

The installation is simple because the compact DBR is installed directly in the engine compartment. The Li battery is located in a small gap in the engine compartment. The green link is the only link to the link button on the dashboard.

Lithium auxiliary batteries are available in various sizes of 5Ah-20Ah. If larger lithium batteries are used, it is also possible to use loads such as a compressor refrigerator, a heater, an inverter or a laptop or other devices to operate.