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System start in case of emergency using IBS-DBR-Li

Kit of System start in case of emergency using IBS-DBR-Li
Installation of IBS-DBR-Li in SUBARU

The IBS-DBR-Li is a special version of the DBR double battery relay. This system offers the best possible start-up safety for all applications, where a possible start-up of the engine due to the failure of the starter battery is undesirable. The system is designed to be combined with the safe lithium batteries (LiFePO4, lithium iron phosphate), which can also be installed in PWs thanks to their low weight and their small size. In the dashboard, the "Emergency-link" button is installed, which, in the case of start-up problems, switches on the lithium battery, which is charged during the journey, via the DBR-Li. An optimal system for emergency physicians, ambulances, emergency vehicles or anyone traveling to remote areas.
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Data sheet IBS-DBR-Li

Relay Load Nom / Max 200A/500A 200A/500A 200A/500A
Battery without 10Ah 20Ah
Battery - dimension [mm] - 124x120x82 141x249x96
Battery weight - 1.7kg 3.6kg
Start current (1 / 10sec) - 480/600A 1200/960A
Application all PW/SUV SUV/4WD