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DBS battery holders for Landrover Defender

The robust battery holder is installed at the Defender in the seat console. Easy access to the batteries is ensured. The standard Land Rover starter battery is used. This can also be replaced by the battery Banner Running Bull 92Ah No: 59,201. As an additional battery is installed the Banner Running Bull 70Ah No: 57,001. The simple mounting bracket allows for optimal fixation. All parts are made of stainless steel. The battery consoles are best glued using automotive adhesive (SIKA / SABAtak).

For new vehicles the bolt for fan belt has to be grinded

Conclusion: Better than doing Yourself,  it will save many hours of  trying to install!

Defender IBS-DBS during installation
Defender IBS-DBS after installation
Defender IBS-DBS battery unit
Defender IBS-DBS battery carrier
Defender IBS-DBS detail battery carrier