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IBS Products

The folowing Products of IBS will You find underneath


IBS Dual Battery System

The IBS Dual Battery System protects against an empty starter battery and thus secures the launch of the vehicle in any situation.

Ultra Sine Inverters

IBS Ultra Sine Inverters

The IBS Ultra Sine Inverters are small devices
with high performance and high efficiency

Power Box one

Power Box

The Power Box is independent of
Mains or vehicle battery



IBS Low Battery Protection

IBS Low Battery Protection has a significant
Task to prevent your vehicle batteries from deep discharge.


Portable Solar from IBS

Portable Solar Power

The portable solarsystem gives you independency from power distribution

ENGEL Fridges/Freezers

ENGEL Fridges/Freezers at compressors

Compressor freezers/refrigerators are suitable for rough road conditions


IBS Production


IBS Intelligent Battery System GmbH is able to build products with the most modern technology suitable for the use in the Outback