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Flyer on Tour to Persia 2015

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Overland trip to Persia

Trip Details:


Tour was started in Slovenia mid of September heading to Moscow, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkey. The overlanding trip follows old cultures, historical sites and special landmarks.


Several pick-up and drop-off points have been planned such as Bishkek, Samarqand, Mashhad and Tehran where the crew changes. Overall we traveled through some very remote and also exotic places covering approximately 20'000km. I (Beat) was joining the trip in Mashhad Iran 10th November and will travel to Istanbul and return on 6th December t Thun.



LandCruiser Classic HJ60 protected by CouplerTec:


Fully renovated and TJM equipped Cruiser with Bullbar, 12'000lbs Winch, HD suspension, Hutchinson wheels, ProLocker front and rear, Xenon and LED Lights,  Snorkel, Rear bar with spare wheel and jerry cans, Roof rack, Roof tent, 4 Chains, 4 TRED traction help, InReach Explorer and various GPS. The 24V Cruiser is IBS equipped with 12V board net with new In-CarCharger DBM20A, 24V-Monitor, 300W Ultra Sine Inverter, extreme Aire compressor. 30 year old off-road technology built for toughest travelling conditions, some rough weather conditions are expected, though we are prepared.



Tracking available from 10th Nov-6th Dec:


The car is equipped with delorme inReach Explorer Iridium Satellite Navigation and comunication device:


bw39(at) (only from inReach)



The tour was on 10 Nov-6.Dez. be tracked:


First actual Pictures from Overland trip to Persia

Overland Tour in Persia, Section Mashhad-Bam

Mashhad Iman Reza
Persian door
Mashhad Iman Reza port
Persian door 2
Neamtollah decoration
Mahan mountain view
Mahan Fuelstop
Mahan Garden
Mahan sightseeing
Rayen desert Flexopower 1
Rayen desert chargin by Flexopower 2
Persian Meal

Overland Tour in Persia, Section Mashhad-Bam

Panorama Citadel Rayen
Panorama Dasht e Lut Rayen
Panorama Neamtollah Vali Mahan
Panorama Persepolis
Panorama Rooftowers Aircondition in Yazd
Panorama Desert in Anarak
Panorama Desert Mers
LC60-2 Desert Mers
Panorama LC60-3 Desert Mers
Panorama Desert Kashan
Panorama Desert Kashan Salt Lake
Panorama Desert Kashan Sunset
Panorama Traditional Houses in Kashan
Panorama Kandovan 1
Panorama Kandovan 2 Sahand

Persia from Shiraz to Teheran

Repair to LandCruiser
Visit in persian family
Mosque in Shiraz
Mosque in Shiraz
Hall to mosque in Shiraz
Stele in Persepolis
Oasis Bar Andars
Isfahan Bazar
Isfahan Teahouse Acadegam
Isfahan Confiserie 1
Isfahan Confiserie 2 Interiour
Isfahan Confiserie 3 Interiour
Isfahan Mosque
Iranian Dersert Party
Camel Welcome
Camel at dusk
Sunset in Kashan Desert

From Tehran to Tabriz and to the border of Turkey

Tabriz Room in 0-Star-Hotel
Cooking at Sahand 3000 m.ü.M.
View to Sahand in snow
Maku Fuel Stop near to the border Iran-Türkey

From the Turkish border to Istanbul

View to the mountens near Agri
Palan Hotel in Erzurum in the snow
4-Star Hotelroom in Erzurum

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