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Travel Report from Corryong to Dargo through Alpine National Park

The 4WD route runs from Corryong (south of Canberra) about Tom Grogging and Omeo to Dargo. The Mt Pinnibar with a height of 1770m is the highest navigable 4WD track in Australia and offers an incredible panoramic view, the highest mountain Mt Kusciuszko is not far away. The description of the track is guided by "difficult" which is no exaggeration, over a short distance of only about 5km to overcome 1400meter high, while it does not matter where you come from. In loose rock tracks (sometimes similar to a stream bed), the track winds steeply up. For the track  Low Range, first and second gear are recommended mandatory. The tires are subject to severe wear, the stones and rocks take their toll. The second challenge is to not go astray, equipped with GPS, Touratech MovingMap and tracklog, the track will be checked regularly. The area of the Alpine National Park is endless and there are hundreds of side tracks, several repeatedly lead to extremely steep creeks down and sometimes it is difficult to return to the origin. In dry weather to get through with some good driving skills, in rain or shortly thereafter, these routes are impassable. These steep passages, it is always important to choose in the level below the right gear, the one up top (does not switch). The vehicle must always have enough momentum so that it moves upward, but not too much yet, since levels are constantly on the rise, which one can distract from the desired track. Down's is almost exclusively in the first or second gear Low Range, all with no brakes, often slips the car, while you should always be in the fall line and follow the track.

348: The Land Cruiser still shines after the exhibition
399: Under the Summit Mt Pinnibar
407: Something to eat after a long day
447: In the 1st gear Lowrange downhill
455: endless steep climbs and descents
465: many creeks in the Alpine National Park
466: shortly before, was descended 500 meters
479: sometimes the way with signs written
Panorama_AlpineNP_3: lonely forest tracks
Panorama_AlpineNP_Dargo_5: Traces of fires seen everywhere
Panorama_IBS_Nambucca_2: Secluded beaches in Nambucca (NSW)
Panorama_Kosci_NP_1: View of the Alpine National Park
Panorama_MtPinnibar_1: Magnificent view MT Pinnibar 1770müM
Panorama_MtPinnibar_2: highest drivable mountain in Australia
Panorama_StockmansHut_1: refuge in case of snow or bad weather