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Adventure all-wheel drive fair in Bad Kissingen from 30.Mai.-02. June 2024

IBS is also in 2024 from Thu Mai 30th – Sunday June 2nd. can be found at the Bad Kissingen all-wheel drive trade fair in the Bad Kissingen exhibition center,  97688 Bad Kissingen, stand E07, at the entrance on the left the 2nd stand.

At this Abenteuer Allrad we are exhibiting our travel Hilux:

Installed on the vehicle:

  • TJM remote chassis 300kg with 3.5t load TJM rear bumper with 3.5t trailer load
  • TJM ABS RTT (hard shell roof tent), new introduction
  • TJM side thresholds Smart Bar with TJM 95D winch
  • TJM Snorkel TJM LED driving lights with e-mark
  • LRA 145Lt long range tank TJM underrun protection
  • IBS double battery system withnew battery holder
  • IBS DBM20AS with IBS-DBS combination IBS battery box with 102Ah lithium battery (Bluetooth)
  • IBS battery box with DBRBT connection (Bluetooth)
Hilux with the new TJM-RTT roof tent
Converted Hilux ready for exhibition
IBS double battery kit for Hilux
TJM remote chassis, installed on the Hilux with the new TJM RTT roof tent

We exhibited our products at the Caravan Salon Bern from October 22nd to 26th, 2020.

The IBS / TJM / Gränzelos team exhibited this year at the Caravan Salon Bern, Hall 1.2, Stand H001.

Our LandCruiser HJ61 and the Gränzelos Patrol Y61 stood on the stand.

New this year was:


The IBS LiIon batteries 50/100 / 180Ah have become approx. 20% cheaper
The LiIon160Ah / 25.6V complements the battery range for building services, boats and trucks
The new IBS DBM20AS with a new 250W solar input is available
DBM20A and DBM20AS are equipped with new Smart Alternator software for Euro6 vehicles
Evakool drawer refrigerator from Australia
TRED tracking aids in HD / GT and PRO versions in various colors


Yulara and Boulia roof tents are on display
New camping material for roof tents and blinds
New narrow 1m40 store
PACE chassis for Hilux 2016+ and 2020
Digital gun for the new TJM Compressor
LED camp strips, piping rail with dimming function



RacksBrax modular quick assembly system for blinds and roof rack attachments

We thank you for the numerous visits on the two days.

The IBS / TJM / Gränzelos team

Pictures of the stand Caravan Salon Bern Hall 1.2 Stand H001

2 heavily loaded vehicles on their way to the fair
unloading trailer at trade fair
Stand with view from Gränzelos
Stand with view from IBS / TJM
all TRED models set up
various TJM rescue equipment
HJ61 as an exhibition vehicle

At the Caravan Salon Bern from the 24th to the 28th of October 2019 we exhibited our products.

 The Caravan Salon Bern 2019 brought a new visitor record of 52'000 camping enthusiasts.
In hall 1.2 stand H020 we exhibited the LandCruiser 150, right back from our 2 week Balkan tour through 7 countries.

At our exhibition was new:

  • TJM powerful ProLocker limited slip differential compressor is also ideal for tire inflation.
  • Traction aids from TRED in various new versions such as TRED Pro TRED HD and TRED GT
  • 3.5t chassis load to VW Amarok
  • IBS lithium batteries 50Ah and 100Ah (180Ah follows)
  • IBS SK120 solar kit with a lot of power
  • IBS-DBM20A with new software release 2.8 for better charging performance
  • IBS-DBM20AS new model with solar controller input

New is our WEB-Shop: all4WD

Outside was our vintage LandCruiser HJ61 in use and was briskly used for the terrain course.
Thank you for the many visits.
Beat Wyss

[Translate to Englisch:] Abenteuer & Allrad 2019 Messe Bad Kissingen vom Do 20. Juni - So 23. Juni. Stand E07

IBS was also 2019 from Thu 20 June - Sun 23 June. at the fair Bad Kissingen in the fairground Bad Kissingen, Kapellenstrasse 11, 97688 Bad Kissingen, booth E07.

Bad Kissingen has again attracted many off-road visitors, the weather was hot and dry

Most interest was in portable solar technology, our lithium batteries and the CouplerTec rust protection.

We also noticed our offroad T-shirt, the first one goes to Japan together with an IBS system.
Beat Wyss


LC150 with Yulara roof tent
Jaguar on LC150
Jaguar behind LC150

We were present at the OHA 2018 Oberland Autumn Exhibition in Thun EXPO from August 31 to September 9, 2018

Suisse Caravan Salon Bern vom 26. – 30. Oktober 2017, Stand H020 und F8 024

Our two stands at the Caravan Salon 2017 were very well attended.
Visitors were most interested in the new SK120 Mojave 120W solar kit.
The UltraSine inverter area also attracts a great deal of attention, new is the Transferschalter with 4 conductor Fi switches.
At TJM it was the two Yulara roofs, which were examined closely.

Stand outside Sahara LandCruiser 150
Stand inside with Ford Ranger PX, SK120
Stand with Products from IBS and TJM
Ford Ranger PX wih Rhino Rack and roof tent Yulara
Solar Cells Flexopower

Abenteuer & Allrad 2019 Fair Bad Kissingen from Thu 20 June - Sun 23 June. 2019 at booth E07

We have been also in 2017 from 15 to 18 June at the fair Bad Kissingen to meet at the exhibition grounds Bad Kissingen, Kapellenstrasse 11, 97688 Bad Kissingen, booth E07.

IBS & TJM, together with Offroad Boehlen Thun, Switzerland, exhibited some of their products.


Newly, we offered the UltraSine 400W inverter, which is light and robust and delivers a great deal of performance, an ideal device for traveling.

We have also showed the new Megapulse VEE for battery optimization and the prevention of battery desulphation. This is important when the batteries are to perform well when used hard.

The new DBM20A in combination with the IBS Monitor was available in the Ford Ranger and IBS LandCruiser 100 for viewing.

The SOLARKIT SK80 was available in a new generation, and the elegant and robust transport bag is also new. The compact and lightweight kit delivers up to 5.5A charging current enough to feed refrigerators and small consumers.


We have presented a full IBS / TJM equipped Ford Ranger PX at our stand with various news:

  • TJM Series 4000 chassis
  • Aroklas Canopy with Rhino rack
  • TJM Rooftent
  • TJM Hidden Mount with TJM Torq winch
  • IBS double battery system with DBM20A
  • Sortimo installation system

We were enthusiastic about the intensive visit to our exhibition and thank you for the lively interest our products have received.


Beat Wyss

Stand E07 Bad Kissingen view 1
Ford Ranger PX / Rhino Rack / TJM Roof Tent
Stand E07 Bad Kissingen view 2
Stand E07 Bad Kissingen back view
Stand E07 Bad Kissingen back view
Stand E07 Bad Kissingen back view Ford Ranger und LC100
Stand E07 Bad Kissingen back view
Stand E07 Bad Kissingen Business talk
Ford Ranger PX / Rhino Rack / TJM 4000 Suspension

Automechanika Frankfurt 2016 from 13. to 17. September

IBS presented its products at the stand of CT AERO KLAS & TJM: Hall 3.1 C63

Automechnika was a lot of preparation. The Ford Ranger PX2 just got finished a few days in Oslo, before all parts got collected at TJM Switzerland:

Aeroklas cover, TJM black widow drawers, new hidden mount, Torq electric winch, rear bar, snorkel, sidebars and series 4000 suspension.

TJM had a great stand with 140m2, one corner was the IBS Corner, with the battery systems, especially the DBM20A, and Ultra Sine Inverter 400W and Extreme Aire compressors and Flexopower Solar systems.

Stand 1: TJM Stand with Suspension display
D-Max: Présentation de nombreus accsesoires pour D-Max
Dressed up: S-tec was present with matching dress
Set-up: IBS corner during setting stand up
TJM IBS Products on stand with Beat Wyss

Buschtaxitreffen in Storndorf from 9-11. September

IBS Inverter range
LandCruiser 60 CouplerTec
LandCruiser 150 IBS

We take part in the exhibition of 1000 LandCruiser from around the world! (With IBS Land Cruiser 150)
IBS / TJM Praducts / CouplerTec presented own products


This year we had nice weather, which resulted in 1000 Toyota with mostly LandCruisers at the Bushtaxi meeting in 2016 in Storndorf. In the center, we were in the small exhibition mile together with Couplertec, Banditoy and Xpedition.
On Friday we had in the big hall the presentation of our two films about the Central Asia trip with Iran.

House Exhibition IBS and TJM at Seestrasse 24, 3600 Thun the 18th and 19th June 2016

IBS TJM show room
IBS TJM vehicles
Vehicles Off Road Böhlen

We had this year a house exhibition on the weekend of 18th and 19th June 2016 at IBS / TJM and ORB to perform. IBS was founded 20 years ago, this is a reason to celebrate.

There are lots of news to see:


  • the new Dual Battery Management System DBM20A,
  • the flexible Flexopower solar panels,
  • CouplerTec, electronic rustproofing from Australia
  • new IBS Ultra Sine Inverter 400W, small but nice 



  • the new waterproof TJM Tourque winches with 9500 or 12'000LBS traction and radio control
  • TRED, the lightweight and robust traction aids
  • Extreme Air compressors, from small to large for professional compressed air


The atmosphere at our exhibition was very good and a lot of visitors, colleagues, customers, suppliers had visited us. We had made about 150 servings of fries and Asian pan on Saturday evening also about 110 portions have been eaten. We expected not mitdiesem rush and had to improvise. Tom Bachmann and crew and helpers had done great work. The Travelogues and training blocks for Couplertec antirust and DBM20A battery system were well occupied, the 60 seats each had not been enough. The many exhibited Rooftents had aroused much interest, and the action at the TJM treds (Traction Assist) caught on.

Thanks for visiting

The IBS and ORB Team

Verpflegungs Container
Video Presentation
DBMA20 Ausbildung

Abenteuer & Allrad 2016 Fair Bad Kissingen from 26. to 29. Mai am Stand E07

IBS & TJM presented together with offroad Boehlen Thun, Switzerland from some of their products.

This year we saw a lot of visitors. The weather was a bit mixed.

The new DBM20A has many users interested, and especially the combination with the IBS Dual Battery System.

The window kit of IBS always encounters a lot of interest, as well as special designs are possible.

The flexible Flexopower also received much attention since ultra-light and compact for packaging.

The CouplerTec rust protection systems encounter more and more on interest, it has meanwhile also spread that these systems are now available. The products are at Taubenreuther
, Offroad Hesch, IBS and Outback import available.

Beat Wyss

Suisse Caravan Salon in Bern 22-26th October 2015

Stand view
Stand view with TJM LandCruiser
Stand complete


The Swiss Caravan Salon 2015, we have successfully completed. Saturday and Sunday visited us many customers and prospects in our exhibition. The advertising and the professional articles about CouplerTec antirust in the Camping Caravan magazine brought a lot of people to our booth. The rolled and foldable Flexopower solar panels from South Africa also found a lot of attention as well as at other fairs like Bad Kissingen or bush taxi meetings. Nespresso Café from 1600W IBS Ultra Sine Inverter inspired many customers.

The following news were presented:



  • The new IBS-DBM20A dual battery system with InCarCharger Function (DC / DC converter) is designed ready after almost 2 years and offers a variety of new features.
  • From CouplerTec Australia we offer the electronic corrosion protection system. Worldwide 800,000 times built, available for PWs, trucks, 4WDs, camper vans, construction equipment for 18 years.
  • Rolled and foldable Solarkit of Flexopower South Africa. Lightweight and compact mass of the packaging, with a lot of power (79/158 / 237W) and almost indestructible.
  • The 1600W inverter for reliable Nespresso coffee on the go.



  • The suspensions for pickups as D-Max, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, VW Amarok, Hilux are there.
  • The TJM-TRED sand ladders and traction aid are very robust and cost-effective, are also well suited for motorhomes.
  • The field of professional USA Outback compressors is constantly being expanded. For those who "much reliable air" need
  • Vehicle Flyers:

IBS and TJM can now be found on Facebook



Beat Wyss
IBS Intelligent Battery System GmbH
TJM Products (Switzerland) GmbH




Abenteuer & Allrad 2015 Fair Bad Kissingen from 4. to 7. Juni am Stand E07

Stand E07 Bad Kissingen view 1
Stand E07 Bad Kissingen view 2
Stand E07 Bad Kissingen back view
SKA79 ausgebreitet auf 4WD

 At the Allrad Fair Bad Kissingen IBS & TJM presented togetherwith offroad Boehlen Thun, Switzerland from 04 to 07 June 2015 Exhibition Centre Bad Kissingen, Chapel Street 11, 97688 Bad Kissingen, Stand E07 some of their products.

Our new products met with great interest.

Mention may be made:


  • Flexopower foldable solar panel  SK79/SK158/SK237
  • IBSWindow isolation kit for different vehicles
  • IBS - Dual Battery Systems
  • CouplerTec antirust for different 4WD vehicles is new to the market, showing a strong demand in the Alpine regions of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France.
  • IBS-DBM20A: InCarCHarger System for Dual Battery System Applications with integrated DC / DC converter.
  • After a few years the IBS-DBS has now been replaced by the successor model IBS-DBS / 12V EM and IBS-DBS / 24V EM.
Panorama view of Stand IBS TJM with many 4WD-technology
SK79 rolled
SK79 carried
SKA79 open
SKA79 folded
Extreme Air Kompressor in LC60

Abenteuer & Allrad 2014 Exhibition in Bad Kissingen from June 19. to 22., Stand E07.

Stand with 3 vehicles
Stand with Land Cruisers from behind

We have been in 2014 from 19 06 to 22 06 2014 X at the fair in Bad Kissingen Bad Kissingen Exhibition Centre, Chapel Street 11, 97688 Bad Kissingen, Stand E07, to meet customers.

IBS & TJM is presenting together with Offroad Boehlen Thun, Switzerland some of their products.

This year the weather was very good. Lots of sun and summer weather has brought on Thursday 22,000 people to the show, a new record.

We have presented a variety of news:

Solar technology:

Flexo Power solar cells for tough off-road use. The rugged panels with 79W can be rolled up and stowed in a space-saving transport bag (27x40cm) with solar controller and cables. Robust can be taken literally, with about driving, firing 10 shots abuse it and enter the crocodiles to play around only leads to a power reduction of 5%, the amorphous cells deliver on the day 15% more than comparable glass panels. Available in 79W, 158W, 237W.


New Ultra Sine inverters are the latest generation 4 in the power classes 400W/800W and 1600W available, the new technology offers increased start-up performance with the Dynamic Surge Control technology, more rated power at very hot ambient temperatures, new mounting feet, new remote control RP03.

Installation systems:

With our long-standing customers Sortimo we have developed a modular and easy mounting system for ATVs / travel vehicles. It can be short or long drawers and Rako boxes storage systems are installed. Engel refrigerators, extra batteries and IBS technique can also be integrated. Depending on the vehicle, the coverage area serve as a mattress up to 2 people.

Bushtaxi-Meeting in Storndorf 12-14. September 2014

IBS Toyota 150 in Storndorf
Bushtaxi Meeting Storndorf
Storndorf at night

This year we were on the bush taxi meeting.

This year, met in Storndorf 850 Toyota SUV’s from 17 nations of the old J4 to J20 latest. Of the attending vehicles were 85% Land Cruiser.

There has been much debate and several interesting travel posts were well attended. We answered interesting questions about IBS and TJM products.



Automechanika in Frankfort 2014, 16-19. September

Plenty of material from TJM & IBS
Stand of TJM
Stand of TJM


In the Australian pavilion in Hall 6.1 Stand C70 TJM displayed together with IBS a part of their products. The five-day exhibition was attended by a majority of international customers.


Many new contacts were made. After five intense days we were pretty exhausted. The Irish Pub next door has then ensured loose "after hours".


The following items were presented:


1600W inverter from IBS G4 waterproof (USi160 / 12V) / 800W Inverter IBS IBS G4 /  Dual battery systems E24-Mark / Extreme pressure air compressors  / Flexopower Solarkit

A1Abenteuer & Allrad 2014 Messe Bad Kissingen vom 19. bis 22. Juni am Stand E07

Stand mit 3 Fahrzeugen
Stand mit LandCruisers von hinten

Wir waren auch 2014 vom 19. 06. - 22. 06. 2014 an der Messe Bad Kissingen anzutreffen im Messegelände Bad Kissingen, Kapellenstrasse 11, 97688 Bad Kissingen, Stand E07.

IBS & TJM stellt gemeinsam mit Offroad Boehlen Thun, Schweiz einige ihrer Produkte aus.

Dieses Jahr war der Wettergott wieder gut gestimmt. Viel Sonne und sommerliches Wetter hat am Donnerstag 22‘000 Leute auf die Messe gebracht, ein neuer Rekord.


Wir haben diverse Neuigkeiten vorgestellt:




Flexopower Solarzellen für den harten Offroadeinsatz. Die robusten Panels mit 79W können aufgerollt werden und im Transportbag platzsparend (27x40cm) mit Solarregler und Kabel verstaut werden. Robust kann wörtlich genommen werden, Misshandlung mit darüberfahren, 10 Schüsse darauf abfeuern und den Krokodilen zum Rumspielen geben führt nur zu einer Leistungsreduktion von 5%, Die Amorphen Zellen liefern über den Tag 15% mehr als vergleichbare Glaspanels. Verfügbar in 79W, 158W, 237W.




Neu sind die Ultra Sine Inverter in der neuesten Generation 4 in den Leistungsklassen 400W/800W und 1600W erhältlich, die neue Technik bietet erhöhte Anlaufleistung mit der Dynamic Surge Control Technik, mehr Nennleistung bei sehr heissen Umgebungstemperaturen, neue Montagefüsse, neue Fernbedienung RP03.




Mit unserem langjährigen Kunden Sortimo haben wir ein modulares und leichtes Einbausystem für Geländefahrzeuge/Reisefahrzeuge entwickelt. Es können kurze oder lange Schubladen und Rako-Kisten Stausysteme verbaut werden. Engel-Kühlschränke, Zusatzbatterien und IBS Technik kann mitintegriert werden. Je nach Fahrzeug kann die Abdeckfläche als Liegefläche bis zu 2 Personen dienen.

IBS at the fair: Abenteuer & Allrad, Bad Kissingen 30 May - 2 June 2013 Stand E07

Area of the stand
Front of LandCruiser LC150
Tent with MCF80
LandCruiser LC150
The coffimachine is ready

This year the exhibition was marked by cold and rainy weather. The campsite had to be evacuated because of flooding. Nevertheless, many people visited the fair again.
We introduced our new 150s Land Cruiser out of with various IBS, TJM, Kaymar LRA and equipment. The new presentation of the new MCF40 and MCF80 solar modules and solar kit was to her new SK80 (80Wp with only 6.6kg weight and 4.7A charging current) which replaces the existing SK100 with 12kg.

Exhibition of a Toyota Land Cruiser LC 150 with the following modifications:

  •  TJM front bumper T3

  • 9500 TJM winch with plasma rope

  • Headlight 50W HID Lightforce Genesis

  • Kaymar rear bumper with spare wheel rack

  • Additional 150 lt tank with double barbs for main tank and auxiliary tank

  • Solar cells MCF40 and MCF80 which stand out due to small size and high performance

  • US 160 inverter 1600W 12V and 24V from IBS Intelligent Battery System GmbH

  • Operating a Nespresso coffee machine 

    Beat Wyss

    Here you will find a link to the exhibition map, they find the booth E07 to the main entrance on the left:


Caravan Salon in Berne of 25-29. Oktober 2012

Stand on Caravan Salon Berne 2012
Detail with vhicule
Brian in discussion

Our stand at the Caravan Salon 2012 was very well attended.

Great interest found the new IBS inverter Ultra Sine 1600W which was operating the Nespresso machine (many coffees have been produced from the battery, then given to the visitors), and with the new portable solar kit SK100, which replaces the sold SK4 and the new TJM Store in the dimensions of 2m x 2m. Our new IBS Land Cruiser 150 has made many hearts beat faster, a car with the latest generation Euro5 standard (240PS and 500Nm) which may be used, without limitation, in tough off-road terrain.

Thank you for your keen interest

Beat Wyss IBS / TJM



Abenteuer & Allrad - Fair Bad Kissingen 7. - 10. Juni 201

Thank you for visiting with us at the fair (we can find more visitors every year from Switzerland). This year, the new IBS Sine Inverter 1600W Ultra presented. The IBS Ultra 1600W Sine inverter demonstrated the provision of good coffee with the Nespresso machine (of course from the battery and the inverter IBS US160). It spread very quickly on the show.Our new exhibition vehicle Land Cruiser 150 Prado has attracted many visitors. Because of the direct import it remained only about 10 days for the conversion of the vehicle. It was assembled by IBS, the 3-way battery system, suspension and snorkel. The labelling of the vehicle took 2 days. After the fair, we plan the conversions for Off-road tires 285/65/17 with track widening, the installation of the TJM T3 front bumper with TJM winch, the Kaymar rear bumper, the LRA and the TJM Long Range tank ProLocker slip differential.

The vehicle replaces our 90erExpeditions-Land Cruiser which fully equipped from the end of July is for sale.

The new Land Cruiser 150 Prado vehicle is presented in the autumn 4x4Action in an article.

If you have questions we always happy to help.
In a good year

Beat Wyss

IBS Stand with IBS Prado 150
IBS Stand with IBS Prado 150 and IBS LC J100 IFS
IBS Prado 150 from the back

4x4 Weekend in Ederswiler (Jura) with Bird Explorer 3.- 5. Sept. 2010.

The first organized explorer 4x4 Weekend of Bird was held in perfect autumn weather, various classes of vehicles, accessories and travel information, a first invited to be competent source. The site was able to test vehicles Hummer H2, H3 and Pajero or your own vehicle be driven on. The use of rescue winches in the demanding parcours forest brought a lot of action. A Puch G has gotten stuck in the heavily sloping ground on a wooden stump and could be released only with two mountain winches without damage to the bodywork from the otherwise hopeless situation.Data:

03. - 05. Sept. 2010
26. - 28. Aug. 2011
24. - 26. Aug. 2012

Good passages for entanglement experiments
The Puch G is deadlocked, 2 winches to recover in action
Stand for several exhibitors
Winches training with Rolland Vogel (Bird)
Pano_Recovery ...: use of winches on Trial Route
Terrain for test with a Hummer or with your private one

Participation in the Fair EUROSATORY 2010

The EUROSATORY is the largest trade fair for the Defence industry in Europe. For the Swiss industry, this exhibition is the most important in their industry.

From 14 June - 18 June 2010 in Paris

Products / sectors:

Special equipment for counter-terrorism
Security Vehicles (soldiers, police)
Security products for national security
Health care in the war zone
Simulation and Training
Individual protective clothing for special units
Civil protection
Logistics and Transport
Defence Electronics

Flight drones there were many versions
Mercedes G was to be had in many military versions
Dual battery systems, IP66 Inverters, PowerBoxOne
Below is a hidden Toyota HZJ
Hard Core suspension for emergency vehicle
View from the stand off to one propelled howitzer
Everything ready for exhibition
Several tanks have aroused much interest
Has even served with a BBQ
An Australian beer after the dismantling

12th Adventure & 4WD Exhibition in Bad Kissingen 2010

This year we had our new stand immediately after the entrance, which gave us a crowded booth. Each morning to 13 clock the stand was besieged, then it was more quiet. ORB and IBS exhibited their products together again. The ORB Travel Land Cruiser recorded a lot of interest. At the IBS HDJ100 we presented IBS dual battery systems, the function of the new IBS-DBR (dual battery relay) to view. The mobile Solarkit SK4 IBS has also recorded a lot of interest. This was the eighth time ORB and IBS exhibited their products together in Bad Kissingen.

4X4 Show 2010 in Brisbane 19-21 March

The 4X4 Outdoor Show took place from 19-21 March 2010 in the RNA ExhibitionGrounds Fortitude Valley in Brisbane.


At this year's National 4WD Exhibition in Brisbane, a 15% increase in visitors and sales was made. The crisis in Australia also seems to be over. The IBS Land Cruiser is firmly integrated into the exhibition of the TJM stand. The vehicle is now equipped with the Gold Edition dampers and the Mickey Tompson rims and ATZ Off road tires.


The products of IBS and the IBS-car, the Toyota LC HZ J105 found great attention.

SEMA Show 3. Nov - 6. Nov 2009 in Las Vegas Convention Center

At the  SEMA show 2009. 2000 exhibitors demonstrate their products from over 100 countries. 1400 products are listed as novelties, as well as our IBS Dual Battery System, for which we have received the SEMA Global Media Award. Only firms or their representatives were admitted to the exhibition as a visitor, more than 100,000 visitors were registered.

Stand of Extreme Outback Products
IBS Dual Battery Systen & Accessories
SEMA Global Media Award for IBS
SEMA Global Media Award

The SEMA show covers the entire range of automotive products, 4WD, and racing technics. Accessory suppliers and OEMs in the areas of engine tuning, painting, wheels, tires, suspension and propulsion, electrical and electronics were represented in large numbers.

The pictures give a glimpse into that which is in the U.S. and the rest of the world's hearts beat faster. Everywhere the super sports cars and hot rods. High performance was the maxim and radiant appearance. Carbon was the most celebrated processed material.

The trade fair, with the company Extreme Outback Products, our new U.S. representation was a resounding success. Extreme builds a wide range of high quality air compressors for civilian and military applications, among other things, a fully submersible sealed compressor.

Beat Wyss, IBS Intelligent Battery System, Thun, CH 12.11.09

11. ABENTEUER & ALLRAD Messe in Bad Kissingen DE

On the fair "ABENTEUER & ALLRAD MESSE in Bad Kissingen" from 11. June to 14. June 2009 we found a strong demand for our products
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The Stand of IBS & TJM
Overview of the Fair Grounds
Michel in providing advice on IBS Battery Systems
Cleaning up after storm
There's nothing like who wants to become a master

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