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A short expedition in spring to Corsica from May 4th to May 12th, 2019

We met at Camping Paradiso Lago in Melano in Ticino. Part of the group had already arrived, with two vehicles Sebbi and I joined after midnight. In the morning we had to leave a LandCruiser because of problems with the injection pump. 2 people and all luggage was reloaded onto the remaining vehicles (LandCruiser 100, LandCruiser 150 and Ford Ranger) and the journey to the Corsica ferry in Livorno started.

First goal was the "Desert des Agriates" where we had set up our camp at Gites Gighnu. The approach over the 4WD track was a wet, slippery and muddy affair because of rain, storm and some snowflakes.
When the sun is shining, Gighnu and Malfalcu are gorgeous with South Seas beaches.
Oliver also joined us with his patrol. Absolute peace and starry sky was worth the trip. From Ginghu there is a western route to Café L 'Agriate with some more challenging 4WD passages. The main access of the D81 is only suitable for 4WDs, we had to bring a VW bus to reverse, as a further drive would have led only to the lasting damage of the vehicle.

Algajola is a beautiful beach town, thanks to good wind and a windsurfing session was possible.

From Algajola there is an exciting mountain route with great panoramic views over Muro, Speloncato, Bocca di Battaglia and Novella to Corte.

The D84 leads through the spectacular gorge to the Lad de Calacuccia, near the highest mountain Mt Cintu (2700m)

When Ford Ranger came on the way back in a turning maneuver in steep terrain at the right universal joint due to overload a defect, which has led to a prolonged rescue operation. Due to lack of anchor points a recovery with winch was not possible. Minimal tire pressure, TRED traction aid and TJM-Jack and a lot of feeling helped the vehicle safely back on the way.
A workshop then removed the damaged drive shaft in record time, the ranger was from then on still 4x3.

After the departure of the colleagues the onward journey to Bonifacio was started, at the bays in the south around Sant'Amanza again best windsurfing conditions were found. In addition to windsurfing, various off-road tracks were explored around Bonifacio, the degree of difficulty could be increased arbitrarily, the differential locks were almost constant in use to unscathed to drive over the boulders. Since I was traveling alone I had to cancel the route as the progress was more difficult.

The whole time we have our nourishment from our galley, all with locally purchased food, prepared by Sebbi on a wood grill or cast pan.
Pietra beer, wine from Niellucciu grapes and wild boar meat are fine specialties.

Corsica has been inspiring me for over 30 years.

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